Whangarei Heads

Visit Whangarei Heads, Northland, NZ

  • Whangarei Heads, just 30 minutes drive from Whangarei, is a settlement situated near the harbour mouth – an ideal base for aquatic activities such as fishing, diving and surfing. The area boats some spectucular walks amidst stunning scenery. The sights can also be enjoyed on horseback or from the air, with a scenic flight.


    Accommodation in Whangarei Heads (NZ)

    Whangarei Heads has a range of accommodation options, which includesbed and breakfast, holiday homes, self-contained units, and a holiday park that caters for backpackers, campers and motor home travellers.

    Many properties are close to the sea and make boats, kayaks, surfboards, windsurfers etc available to guests.


    Transport around Whangarei Heads

    Travel from the city of Whangarei using a shuttle bus or a taxi. Alternatively, arental car , camper van or motor home allow leisurely exploration of the region. Flights to and from Whangarei airport can connect with other tourist destinations.


    Tourist Activities at Whangarei Heads

    Whangarei Heads is a popular holiday destination for enjoying aquatic activities. The area is well-known for its fishing, from boat or shore, and many fishing charter options are available, including heli-fishing.

    The coast is also popular for scubadiving, snorkelling and spear fishing. It is possible to hire a boat, kayak or windsurfer for exploring and/or fishing. The Poor Knights islands, a world-famous dive site in a marine reserve, are just a short journey by boat.

    Scenic flights and horseback adventures are another way to see this fascination area.

    Bream Head, the entrance to Whangarei Harbour, has more than ten walking trails for inexperienced and expert hikers alike. Multi-day walks have overnight accommodation.

    Whangarei Heads is home to a well-regarded golf course. There are many others to play in around Whangarei city.

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    Whangarei Heads