South Taranaki

Visit South Taranaki, NZ

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  • The main towns in South Taranaki are Manaia, Opunake, Kapuni, Kaponga, Patea and Waverley, all located near to the coast.

    Other nearby towns include Pihama, Auroa, Kaupokonui and Eltham.

    The South Taranaki region comprises fertile pasture lands between Mount Taranaki and rugged Tasman Sea coastline. Small towns offer great hospitality and easy access to outdoor activities.

    Ski Mt Taranaki

    Manganui is a unique North Island mountain experience, located in the Egmont National Park on the slopes of Mt Taranaki. It is a club skifield operated by the Stratford Mountain Club.

    • Manganui Ski Area opening dates for 2014 - from early June to mid October (subject to weather & snow conditions)

    South Taranaki played a major role in New Zealand’s colonial history. Already well-settled by Maori tribes at the time of European arrival, it became a centre of Maori resistance against colonisation. After this conflict, trade in timber and flax took off. As the land was cleared of native forest, dairy farming became the prevalent industry, which continues today. The economy of the region has also been boosted by recent exploitation of natural gas fields.

    Accommodation in South Taranaki (NZ)

    South Taranaki’s towns have a full range of accommodation types. Motor camps are often found near beach resorts such as Opunake, while motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments and holiday homes are found throughout the region.

    Some of the larger towns have hotels, lodges and self-contained cottages.

    Farmstay accommodations offer opportunities to participate in activities such as ATV-riding, hutting, shooting and fishing, while enjoying traditional Kiwi hospitality.


    Transport around South Taranaki

     South Taranaki’s nearest airports are at Whanganui, 1-2 hours’ drive south, and New Plymouth, about 1 hours’ drive north. There are no rail services to the region.

     Local bus, shuttle and taxi services can provide transport within the South Taranaki region. Alternatively, visitors can hire a car, motor home or mountain bikes for a free itinerary tour.


    Tourist Activities around South Taranaki

    South Taranaki has many important sites for those with an interest in New Zealand’s colonial history, including fortified settlements, or Pa, and military redoubts, including Parihaka Pa, Te Namu Pa and Turuturu Mokai fortified pa, also Manaia Redoubt and Waihi Redoubt.  There are also ancient rock carvings to be seen at Kohi.

    There are many walking tracks within the area, in Egmont National Park, by rivers and along the coast. Tours by mountain bike, ATV and horse trek are available at certain locations.

    Fishing and diving are popular along the south Taranaki coast, which is also considered one of New Zealand’s premier locations for surfing, especially Opunake Beach.

    Hunting and fishing – national pastimes in New Zealand - are to be enjoyed easily in the open country and deep waters of the south Taranaki region.

    Golfing is very popular in the Taranaki region; a number of its courses are to be found in southern districts.

    South Taranaki museums include a country music hall of fame, at Manaia, a railway museum at Waverley, and the South Taranaki Museum at Patea, among other smaller, specialised museums and art galleries.

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    South Taranaki