Visit Ahipara, Ninety Mile Beach, Northland, NZ

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  • Ahipara, at the southern end of ninety mile beach 14 km west of Kaitaia,  is bounded by giant sand hills to the south and dunes to the north. It’s a vacation destination popular with adventure tourists and fishing, surfing and diving enthusiasts. Guests can explore the beach and dunes with Horse trekking, off-road safari, or by hiring a quad bike or 4WD vehicle.

    Ahipara has a full range of accommodation types, including motel, self-contained cottage and holiday park.

    Museums, golf, wildlife parks, art and craft galleries, restaurants and vineyards are found near Kaitaia, a short drive away.

    Ahipara (NZ) Accommodation

    Ahipara has a range of accommodation options to choose from, with something for the luxury, budget and free itinerary tourist. There are motels, lodges, apartments and holiday homes, camping ground and backpacker lodge.

    Tourist Activities at Ahipara

    A great place to experience surfing New Zealand’s “wild west coast”

    Ninety mile beach is a wilderness that can be explored with a quad-bike hire or 4WD rental, or can be experienced with a horse trek from a half-day to many days.

    Surfing hire, lessons and multi-day tours are available.

    Fishing by surfcasting is often profitable, and large snapper can be taken. Local seafood also typically includes shellfish and lobster gathered from the beach and by divers and snorkelers.

    A museum, art and craft shops and restaurants are other diversions. At night, you can see kiwi birds and glow worms at a nocturnal zoo in Kaitaia.

    A rifle shooting range and adventure tourism options including horse trek, fishing and hunting are available from Ahipara.

    90 Mile Beach

    Ninety mile beach is closer to 90 Km in length. The name refers to horse travel in colonial times. It is exposed to the, usually rough, Tasman Sea between the North Island and Ausralia. A line of tall sand dunes separates forested inland areas from the sea. Fishing by surfcasting is regarded as the best in New Zealand, with the largest snapper being caught in this way.

    Bus tours or 4WD rental allow exploring sections of the beach, or its whole length, and to camp and fish or surf. But great care is needed as the waves and currents can be dangerous.

    Some other great ways to explore are by walking, horse trek, quad-bike or 4WD rental.

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